Wild Me staff have over a decade of experience supporting the software behind citizen science projects. As a means of supporting our projects, we offer software consultation on citizen science and wildlife research, especially with Wildbook.

Service examples include:

  • Professional Wildbook hosting in the Azure cloud
  • Custom Wildbook feature development and configuration
  • Custom citizen science software development

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Our Philosophy and Experience

At Wild Me, we realize that obtaining actual value from citizen science projects starts with two strong foundations:

  • Good initial study design by the research community
  • Clear information architecture reinforced by usable software

As experienced software developers and information architects, we focus our projects on supporting four key “personas” of citizen science:

  • “The Scientist” – within an effective citizen science project, there is always a core of individuals (academic or just passionate and curious) focused on translating data and passion into useful scientific analyses and/or an educational experience. This core is an absolute must to obtain very real value from “CitSci”.
  • “The Evangelist” –  The Evangelist is a citizen science projects passionate outreach specialist. This individual motivates volunteers, builds local and online communities, and helps direct greater resources to a project to help improve its scientific or educational outcome.
  • “The Technologist” – The technologist is the newest role in citizen science. Almost any 21st Century CitSci project requires an experienced IT professional to help ensure that the infrastructure of the project (software, hardware, database, user experience, etc.) supports all of the other roles in the project in an effective means of interaction and data exchange and feedback.
  • “The Volunteer” – The public has never before had so many opportunities to participate in science. From active, project-specific data collection to passive data mining of social media, the public can provide new volumes of data to support more refined and previously unachievable scientific analyses. In return, CitSci projects have a responsibility to provide benefit to those contributing. This can be description of the scientific benefit the volunteer provided or “exchanging the gift of data for a gift of knowledge”. Sometimes, the education provided to volunteers in a CitSci project can be the primary benefit of the project as a whole!

At Wild Me, we building citizen science projects on good initial study designs and design our software to support the varied roles and “personas” of the people collaborating, maximizing the potential for project success and benefit.

Wild Me staff combined computer vision and machine learning to match whale fluke images across a large collaborative catalog.
Wild Me staff combined computer vision and user interaction design to create a quick and accurate edge mapper to individually identify whale flukes and dolphin dorsals.
Wild Me builds 21st web applications that are mobile-friendly and ready for integration with your network of applications.
Our latest generation of Wildbook blends multiple computer vision algorithms and machine learning to identify whales and dolphins by their fins and flukes.
Our latest generation of Wildbook blends multiple computer vision algorithms and machine learning to identify whales and dolphins by their fins and flukes.

Wild Me staff are available to help analyze projects requirements and train staff on-site.
Wild Me staff are available to help analyze project requirements and train staff on-site.

Information Architecture+Computer Vision+Machine Learning

In the modern era of “Big Data”, managing larger volumes of citizen science data requires good study design backed by a great information architecture with strong security. At its core, our software is query-based, emphasizing that the goal of data management is to allow you to get answers to research questions faster. We also build software that integrates with other applications and servers, allowing you to operate a compatible “platform” of applications for collaborative research.

Wild Me has experience developing and supporting citizen science projects that integrate computer vision and machine learning to scale up processing speed and support new analyses, such as by integrating and customizing multiple pattern recognition algorithms to more accurately identify individual whales.

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